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Aussie Dining Etiquette

When you are about to dine in the land down under for the first time, you certainly want to know what to expect. Australia could be the smallest continent on earth, but it is a bustling hub of culture and cuisine, drawing in numerous visitors yearly. For you to enjoy genuine Australian cuisine, it is a must to understand its local foods and its international influences, bringing about the country’s modern and multicultural cuisine that you can find in specialty restaurants like

A brief history of Australian food

The food culture in Australia changed tremendously when the European sailor Captain James Cook arrived in 1770. Like the US, Australian cuisine was influenced by the British and Irish. Because of the country’s farming culture, dinners have become consistently composed of meat and selected veggies. During the 1880s, Chinese immigrants brought their own cuisine to Australia and they opened their own restaurants. Even today, restaurants that represent a number of Asian countries are popular in the land down under. After WWII, European immigrants also brought their own menu, making Australia’s menu diverse.

Aussie Dining Etiquette

The most popular foods in Australia

Australians like to dine on both food that comes from other parts of the world and those that are from their own backyard. The following are some of its native favorites:

Meat Pies

Meat pies are found in almost every culture around the world. Australian meat pies are not that different. They are sumptuous and contain veggies, cheeses, and meats.

Kangaroo Meat

It is not usual to find certain meats in restaurants around the world. When you are in Australia, you can dine in any restaurant and ask for kangaroo or emu meat.

Chicken Parmigiana

The chicken parmigiana is a common food that you can make even at home. This is a chicken cutlet that is baked in bread crumbs then topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce. You can find this in restaurants like


Travelers would likely suggest that you try a vegemite. This spread is made of celery, onion, yeast extract, and other spices. It goes well with your toast.

Chiko Roll

This is your usual delicious Chinese spring roll added with an Australian twist. This roll is deep fried and it has spices, veggies, and beef.

When you are invited to dine in an Australian home, the golden rule remains to be being polite and appreciative of the people who cooked and prepared the meals, regardless of which country you are in. Food is not merely for nourishment. It is a colorful representation of the place’s culture, heritage, and history as well as the people.

Whether you find yourself dining in a laid-back restaurant or joining a friend for barbecue, be cautious of how you dress. Casual clothing would make a good start.