Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Colostrum Collection Kit

Parents always want the best for their babies, such as breastmilk. It’s not that formula is not a great alternative, but the connection you get from your baby while they breastfeed is the best experience. It brings you and your baby closer, and it keeps them nourished with your milk supply. However, many first-time mothers are having difficulty increasing their milk supply for a variety of reasons, such as stress. So to combat these problems, it’s best to also nourish your body with safe and effective solutions, like lactation tea from The Breastfeeding Tea Co.

Lactation tea, or breastfeeding tea, is one of the best solutions for mothers who want to improve their breastmilk supply. If you’re one of them, then make sure to read on to learn how it can help you out. Overall, it can make your whole journey free of stress while you give your baby what they need and deserve.

Contains Lactogenic Ingredients

One of the main reasons you might want to try The Breastfeeding Tea Co’s lactation tea is because it contains four active lactogenic ingredients. That means it can aid your body to produce more milk for your little ones. For instance, Goats Rue is considered a potent galactagogue. It has increased a mother’s milk supply by 50% in some cases. Another ingredient is Blessed or Holy Thistle, the best herb for lactating mothers that can help support their bodies. On the other hand, Vervain is another milk supporting tonic that can also relax any tension. Lastly, Lemongrass supports lactation and digestion.

Colostrum Collection Kit

Natural & Organic Tea Blend for Mothers

If you choose The Breastfeeding Tea Co’s lactation tea, you will enjoy its wonderful benefits. Apart from being a great solution to increase your milk supply, it’s also an excellent natural hand-blended tea that’s Naturopath Formulated. Furthermore, it’s naturally free from soy, gluten, dairy, and sugar. So you don’t have to worry about it affecting your dietary restrictions. It’s also caffeine-free, which is ideal for mothers who aren’t ingesting caffeine products at the moment. And of course, it’s 100% Australian owned and made. You can trust that these are made with every Aussie’s best interest in mind.

The Easiest Tea Drink with the Best Results

Some lactation tea, treats, and products aren’t as well-known as The Breastfeeding Tea Co’s lactation tea because they are simply not good. So if you want to get the best that’s worth your money, this is the best choice. You can drink one cup in the morning for a mild effect. But you can also drink up to three cups per day for the full and best results. The important part is that you brew it first, and then you can drink it either hot or chilled. Since it’s in loose-leaf, you can save some for later if you want to achieve the mildest effect.