Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
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A healthy lifestyle is much more crucial than ever in the present pandemic period, which isn’t going away anytime soon. That means the way we eat regularly. Why not try eating a plant-based diet that includes both vegetarian and vegan foods? Here are the suggested Top 10 Non-Meat Stores in Singapore, whether you’re searching for a physical location or an online market.

Nature Cafe takes pleasure in delivering nutritious vegetarian fare that is free of MSG, garlic, onion, and wine. Spicy Mandrake Noodle Soup, vegan supermarket singapore Walnut & Bailing Mushrooms with Rice, and Yam Cake are among the items they recommend. They also offer their mala chili sauce, which you may use in your handmade mala soup or noodles. Has already been supplying and retailing vegetarian as well as vegan food items. Popular dishes include Vegetarian Codfish Cakes, Vegan Beancurd Snacks (Five Spices/Mala Spicy), or Vegan Kong Style BBQ Bun, among others (6 pcs). You can quickly browse their items online and receive free delivery on orders of $60 or more.

vegan supermarket singapore

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Food Supplier is a one-stop-shop for all everything vegetarian food, with a variety of healthful options ranging from fresh to freezer. Best of all, their goods are free of alliums, making them acceptable for people who are sensitive to onions and garlic. Anything from vegetarian meat and fish to tofu, mushrooms and various spices and pastes are available. Purchases of $120 and up to get free delivery. Yi Shan, which is located within Woodlands Neighborhood 3 Center, solely sells high-quality vegetarian and organic items. They sell frozen vegetable pizzas in flavors including Italian Basil Supreme, Margherita, and Wild Forest Mushroom, among others. Others, such as self-heating plant-based meals, are simplified.Because since its humble origins as a little boutique offering occasional organic products in 2001, SuperNature has gone a long way. They have now grown to include a variety of vegetarian or organic items. They have everything you need, whether it’s fresh, frozen, or dried. For example, gluten-free natural red quinoa, vegetarian pizzas, and organic vegetables and fruits are available. You may get their stuff online and get free shipping. Are you looking for a vegan store in the Tampines neighborhood? Kang BaoLek, sometimes known as KBL, is an old-school grocery shop that specializes in organic products and vegetarian items. They have a wide variety of necessities here, vegan supermarket singapore from fresh vegetables to frozen store dry products.