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About NasiLemak

Nasilemak is a Malaysian meal that consists of aromatic rice that has been flavoured with coconut cream &pandan leaves. Fried anchovies, cucumber slices, fried fish, and sweet chilli sauce are usually served with this light lunch that is thought to be of Malay origin. Modern-day versions of the meal also include a wide variety of additional side dishes to choose from famous Nasi Lemak Restaurant

Description about the recipe

Nasilemak is a Malaysian dish that consists of rice coconut milk.

Adding a knot of bamboo leaves while the rice still is boiling gives the rice a pleasant flavour that is mildly salted and aromatic. Ikanselarkuning (fried fish with anchovies) is the traditional Malay morning dish, and it is usually served with water spinach, kangkong (water spinach), and sambal (chilli paste). When fried, the fish is so crispy that it may be eaten whole. In modern times, the anchovies were fried with mixed nuts, and the meal is topped with thinly sliced of cucumber and an egg that has either been fried or poached.   The rice, along with all of its accompanying sauces and side dishes, is kept warm under a banana leaf that has been folded into the a conical pouch.

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The sambal is indeed the dish’s distinguishing flavouring agent. The malay people like their rice to be served with spicy anchovies paste or sambaltumis (chilli paste produced from local anchovies) (fried chilli paste). The sambal is made out of a mixture of dried chiles, shallots, garlic, and find relevant (shrimp paste), with or without sliced lemongrass added for flavour. The addition of sugar and tamarind imparts a sweet and tangy flavour to the chilli sauce.

Traditionally, rice is steamed rather than fried so if it is cooked at a high heat, the coconut milk would quickly burn. In modern times, rice is cooked in a rice cooker, with coconut milk replacing the water. For example, heating the rice partly the night before and then adding additional coconut milk or pandan leaves to finish boiling the rice the next morning are some of the secrets to creating excellent nasilemak .

The dish continues to be one of the most affordable meals available in the local food courts or hawker centres. The dish is often sold as just a set meal with requisite accompaniments, but some stalls also provide an extensive selection of additional side dishes that may be added to a order.