Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

A fermenting crock is often considered a ceramic vessel, yet there are many other methods and containers that can be used for fermentation. These containers may include glass jars, plastic buckets, and plastic vacuum bags. The following are the different types of Sauerkraut Crock or fermentation crock.

Water Seal Crock

This is a ceramic vessel that comes with a trough-shaped rim to place the lid. After the lid is placed, water can be added and fill the space surrounding the wall of the lid. Water works as a sealant that prevents the entrance of oxygen into the crock. It also functions as a material barrier that absorbs the smell. This type of crock is often sold with a pair of lid and stone- weights. The crock may be sealed and closed; however, gasses from the decomposing process may escape through the water.

Sauerkraut Crock

Glass Jars

These jars work just the same as the open crock. However, they are more versatile in terms of volume. Weights have to be included to fit the jar. Some of these sets come with glass weights. The jar may also have an Airlock cap system that allows gasses to escape. They have various sizes starting from a cup to a gallon. But you also have to be aware that an airlock cup may introduce silicon and plastic into food production.

Open Crock

The open crock is a cylindrical container made in ceramic. This can have a lid or not. It is easier to clean and costs less than the water seal type, but it has its own disadvantages as well. The stone weights don’t come with the vessel and the user has to put a plate on top for pressing the veggies down the brine. The fermented veggies are exposed to molds due to air exposure. The pungent smell from the jar has an easy pass towards the room. This is why this container is often placed in the basement.

Plastic Buckets

It works like the open ceramic Sauerkraut Crock, but this is also available in larger volumes; and they are much cheaper. You just have to make sure that the plastic is food-safe grade. When you ferment using a bucket, a plate has to be put on top of the veggies and weights. A towel may have to be put on the bucket too to ward off insects and bugs.

Vacuum Plastic Bags

These often have varied sizes, and they come in rolls. The bag requires sealing by using a hot sealing machine to seal the bag in a vacuum.