Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Collect your Ingredients and Equipment

Sausage-making is simple, delicious, and it is endless in its choices for varieties and seasonings. Most conventional sausages are prepared of meat, flavorings, fat, and casings. You may want a sausage stuffer and meat grinder, both of these are functional as extensions of a standard mixer.

For making sausage, any meat you take should have fat in them, as it will not thaw from the sausage when it cooks. For casing, natural casing gives them a fulfilling flavor.

To prepare almost four pounds of sausage, you may need almost three pounds of meat and 1/2 pounds of fat.

Make the Casings

Chop casings to roughly 2 feet, and they become easy to deal with. Soak them in warm water overnight to thaw them. Rinse them by pouring cold water on them, before using them.

Mix the Seasoning

Experiment with a spice mixture you like to mix in the sausage.

Season and Cut the Meat

Cut the meat into pieces so small that they can accommodate in the grinder, nearly 1-inch cubes. Chop the fatback in similar-sized pieces, then mix the fatback and the meat into a container. Spray it with the seasoning and toss the mix to blend.

Grinding Meat

 Place the container under the grinder to grab the meat. Switch on the mixer at a passive speed and start putti the meat mixture into the grinder. Take turns to add pieces of fatfatback and, wielding the stomper to shove the meat in the grinder.

When the meat is ground, add additional seasonings if any, and blend well.

Assemble the Sausage Stuffer

Clear the grinder, grind a loaf of bread through it, then remove the grinder attachment, rinse and dry it.

Position a sheet pan under the sausage stuffer so that you grab the sausage. By feeding a piece of casing to the sausage stuffer, leaving just an inch of the casing rolling off the edge of the stuffer. Now put a knot in the edge of the casing.

Stuff the Sausage

Put the grinder on a slow speed and take little balls of the ground meat mixture, put them in the sausage mixer. Air comes through, fills the casing, and holds it in place till the meat crams the casing, then slowly guides the filled casing to the stuffer.

Form the Links

Beginning at the knotted edge of the sausage, assess the desired size of the sausage, and compress to signify the edge. Gauge a second one, squeeze again, twist between both sausages. Proceed with measuring then squeezing and then twisting, changing the directions.

Cook the Sausages

Cook the sausages on normal heat for at least 20 minutes. You can grill or smoke sausages too.